Ancol is one of the most favourite tourism place in Jakarta. Every school holiday, many schools all over Indonesia make schedule to visit Ancol. Although the ticket prices in Ancol are no longer cheap but still many local tourist come to Ancol. The following are two places in Ancol.


Gondola is new in Ancol. Maybe it's about 5 years or maybe more. By using Gondola we can see the view in Ancol and we can also see other amusement places in Ancol.

@ Gondola in action

@ Ready to get on board

@ The view from Gondola

@ The sun shine is so strong

@ The view from Gondola

@ Swimming pool view from Gondola

@ The car park from Gondola's view

@ Jakarta's sea from Gondola

@ A beach in Ancol

@ The Gondola to enter the station

@ The way from Gondola

Shuttle Bus

Right now in Ancol is nicer, because it provides some shuttle bus for some destination. The visitors will not have to worry again that they will become very tired in Ancol.

@ In the shuttle bus

@ Some visitors make good use of this bus

@ View from the bus

@ View from the bus

@ The beach is the main destination of the JURUSAN TIMUR bus

Sea World

Sea World is one the best amusement location in Ancol. There are thousands of fish here. Some are scarce fishes. Thanks to the government who created this amusement location because, by having such kind of place we will be able to see the fish which might be we never see in our whole life if we are not a sea or lake explorer.

@ Giant Cat Fish

@ Giant Fish from Kalimantan

@ So many "strange" fish

@ Stranmge fish always make people interested in

@ Under the giant aquarium, watching a group of fish

@ The aquarium tunnel

@ The fish controller

@ Sea eel

@ Touching the turtles shell

@ After watching the fish, the visitors can visit souvenir shop in the location. They are all about sea animals.

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