Traffic Jam in Neighborhood

Trafict jam is no longer the monopoly of main road in Jakarta. It could happen in neighborhood road such as in Sumur Batu.

The trafict jam itself is due to many combinations. They could be the undiscipline riders and drivers, too many vehicles, and the condition of the road itself.

So, will Jakarta free from traffict jam? Nobody knows.

Fruit and Vegetable Seller in Jakarta

Mobile fruit and vegatable seller is common view in Jakarta's neighborhood.

The seller go around the neighborhood with his/her chart full of fruits and vegetables.

Mostly they will start selling their fruits and vegetable around six. Their customers are the house wives. However sometimes not only house wives buy but also the men.

Sruweng, Kebumen

When I went to Sruweng a village in Kebumen. I saw beautiful panorama :

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